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Conservation and goals

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Hanson Harbor Homeowners Association is the purveyor of a Class A Water system.

Providing safe drinking water to our members, their families, their friends, and all our community guests. As owners of the water system and it's infrastructure we take this responsibility very seriously and are required by State and Federal Law to insure that the water we deliver is not a health risk to those who may drink it.

We also want to make sure there is plenty of water now and in the future. Conservation, smart usage, and prevention of water loss is another goal of the Association. Please use the following information and links to help us attain our goals.


Admin and Rules HHHOA Water Sys. Administration & Rules

ATOP Bulletin (DOH) Arsenic Treatment Optimization Program

Operating Permit 2020/2021 Operating Permit - GREEN!

CCR-2022 Annual Consumer Confidence Report

"THANKS to the volunteers who keep the system flowing!"




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